Learn more about our UK health screening assessments and laboratory services. Whether your question is about our laboratory services, UK health screenings or medical solutions to phlebotomy or how health assessments work simply have a look at the questions below.

Health assessments 

Before they can assess your life insurance application, your insurer requires further information about your current and past health. 

To get this information, they’ve asked Invui to arrange a health assessment and tests on their behalf. The health information we will collect will help your insurer make an informed decision about your application for life insurance.

If you decide not to proceed with the assessment, it’s likely that you won’t be able to continue with your life insurance application.

The types of health assessment we do vary from person to person. It may involve a visit from a registered nurse or an appointment with a qualified doctor.

At the health assessment, you will be asked questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and your close family medical history. We’ll also take physical measurements such as your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate. 

We may also ask you to supply a blood, urine, or saliva sample. Blood tests can measure things such as cholesterol (lipids), liver and kidney function. Very occasionally, we may also ask you to have an ECG, which measures the rhythm of your heart.

You won’t need to undress at the health assessment, although you may need to remove or loosen clothing for your blood pressure to be taken.

Yes. You can bring a friend or relative to your appointment.

So that we can collect all the information we require, you’ll need to have with you details of any health conditions or injuries you may have had, any past visits to medical professionals, and details of any medication you’re currently taking.

You will also need to provide photographic ID such as a current driving license or passport.

Please make sure you follow any instructions that have been given by the nurse or one of our customer service advisers. It is important to be as relaxed as possible at your appointment, so try to refrain from things that could raise your blood pressure immediately before, such as stress, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking.

One of our highly experienced nurses or doctors will draw blood from a vein, usually from the arm or back of the hand, into one or more vials. The number of vials needed will depend on which tests you need to have. 

You should let the nurse or doctor know if you have had any previous problems such as fainting and nausea, or whether you are currently taking Warfarin or long-term Aspirin, have difficulty clotting or bruise easily. 

In most cases we do not require fasting before a blood test. But if fasting is required for your blood test, we will let you know how long you need to fast for. 

Remember to drink plenty of water and take any medications as usual before your appointment. Drinking water will not only make you feel better, it will also make for a smoother blood draw.

The appointment will usually last between 30 – 40 minutes. If you need additional tests, such as an ECG, it may take a little longer.

If your appointment is with one of our nurses, they will call you to arrange a convenient date and time for your appointment, either at your home or place of work. 

If your appointment is with a doctor, one of our Customer Service Advisers will contact you to arrange your appointment. They will also let you know about any tests we will need to do at your appointment.

Don’t worry if you forget, we will also send you text and email appointment reminders.

If you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment for any reason, please contact the nurse who arranged your appointment or our Customer Service Centre at least 2 days before your appointment. Our offices are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 5.30 pm.

You will not have to pay anything.

All nurses are fully trained and registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. All doctors are registered with the General Medical Council.

Laboratory services

We provide a comprehensive range of routine testing services including haematology, biochemistry, virology, and microbiology. We also specialise in biological monitoring and function medicine.

Our Guide for Laboratory Users details the tests we offer, plus guidance on sample volumes, types, labelling, acceptance criteria and turnaround times.

Our team of clinical consultants, medical and scientific professionals is always on hand to provide advice. We can offer anything from advice on the most appropriate test or profile to clinical indications, test limitations, testing frequency and professional judgements on the interpretation of test results.

We provide a complete end-to-end service from testing packs and home finger-prick kits to phlebotomy with guaranteed nationwide capability for sample collection.

For routine profiles and tests, our turnaround time is 24 hours from receiving the sample in the laboratory. 

For a full breakdown of turnaround times for specific profiles and tests, please refer to our Guide for Laboratory Users.

Quality assurance is core to our laboratory services. Our quality management system includes requirements for internal quality control processes, in addition to ongoing participation in external quality assessment schemes.

Inuvi Labs Ltd participates in relevant accredited external quality assessments schemes. These schemes and the corresponding disciplines are:







Routine and Esoteric Biochemistry (Blood & Urine)


Yes, we do. Please email [email protected] with details of your tender request including service requirements, estimated volumes, and budget, and our team will be in touch. 

From finger-prick home testing kits to affordable health assessments, we offer insurers a range of services to help their customers understand, manage, and improve their health and wellbeing.

We are proud of our track record in supporting Health and Social Research organisations with the delivery of complex, large-scale population health studies. Our health assessment, sample collection and laboratory testing services can help you enhance the scope of any research project, with specialist trained nurses on-hand to carry out testing across the UK. 

We love working with new health and wellbeing providers and watching them grow. From health assessments to phlebotomy services and laboratory testing, we’ll work with you to understand and fulfil your specific requirements.

Yes, we do. From administering flu vaccinations to carrying out nurse-led health assessments, we’re experts in providing employee wellbeing days. Let us know your requirements and we’ll tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Yes, we do. Through our Digital Screening Service, customers can securely access a remote health assessment with one of our nurses through their computer or smart device. We’ll also send them a home testing kit for any tests they require. 

Everything from booking health assessments and laboratory tests to reporting results is done securely through Pulse, our state-of-the-art online case management system.

From data protection to information security and business security, Inuvi is committed to best practice, ensuring we maintain rigorous levels of compliance in every area of our work. Please click here to see our current accreditations.

We have strict data protection, information security and business security policies in place, to ensure your customers’ data is secure. To find out more, please see our privacy statement.

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